Sarah Canady Jewelry

mixed media jewelry designs

Much of my work is created with pattering feet overhead and designs are often dreamed of near a pot of cooking something with warm little hands clasped near my knees. I am so grateful for my children and all of God's good gifts because I know wishes don't always come true. It is out of this bittersweet awareness that I am inspired to create beautiful reminders to be worn. Reminders of gifts seen and unseen and hope in a living, loving God who desires us in the most personal ways.

I love that my pieces are personal. There are images and words of hope, love and desire within them. There is a special scripture, a birthstone or initials of a loved one to be worn and held close by.

It is my desire that people would see my jewelry as an everyday element of beauty and as a reminder of a very good God.

All of my pieces are one-of-a-kind, handcrafted and forged of oxidized sterling and  pure silver, gems and leather, other mixed metals, resin, always using lead-free solder. 

 I welcome commissions and personalizations!  

                          -Sarah Canady